JDC Drilling is committed to safety in all facets of the organization. No phase of the operations or administration is more important than safety and health. JDC strives to not only meet but exceed all the industry standards expected from any top-tier drilling contractor. Health and safety protection shall be part of all operations, including planning, procurement, development, production, administration, sales, and transportation. Accidents and health hazards have no place at JDC Drilling. In order to inspire this philosophy, both management and employees are involved in planning, developing, improving, and implementing safety and health protocol.

Key personnel are trained and certified in well control practice and emergency procedures by Wild Well, Inc., an industry leading standard that is well known and respected worldwide. The Wild Well Control Training division meets the annual accreditation requirements of International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and American Petroleum Institute (API) for all course levels. Safety is a function of an organization’s commitment to quality, JDC does not take shortcuts at the expense of quality, reliability or safety. In order to consistently operate safely over the long term takes knowledge of best practices, foresight, and a commitment to quality.


JDC Drilling